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So how did it go?

January 27, 2012

So how did it go? For those of you joining us on the journey via the internet, we will stick to our once a week blog discussions which will be posted on Thursday mornings. However, I didn’t want to leave us all wandering around in cyber space if we have questions about what we are reading. Just so you can know how I am using this study,  I would like to share my “answers” to today’s questions. Please remember that these are MY answers. YOUR answers do NOT need to match mine. Matter of fact, I hope that your answers are different from mine, so that we can learn from each other.

  1. Glimpse: What is the passage saying? Luke is recapping the last days of Jesus with His disciples. Jesus came to his disciples, proved that He was alive, and gave them a command to stay in Jerusalem to receive the promise of the Holy Spirit. Jesus compared receiving the Holy Spirit to John’s baptism.
  2. Glean: What do I learn about God?(I must say that this is my favorite section) 1. God chooses to involve people in His plans; 2. God chose to show Himself to His disciples – even though they doubted that He was alive.; 3. God marks His people with the Holy Spirit.; 4. God asks us to follow His instructions.; 5. God is ALIVE!; 6. God has a kingdom worth speaking about.
  3. Grow: How does what I have learned change my life?(This is how God spoke to me today about these verses. I am positive that His Word touches us each in unique ways.)Is my life marked by the Holy Spirit? I wish I could say that every moment is lived by the Spirit, but it is not. I need Your patient help Father to open my eyes so that I can see and understand that You haven’t left me helpless and hopeless. You want me to commune with You. You want to guide me. You want to be in union with me and have the entire world know it. Please make  my heart one with Yours.
  4. (Wonder) Baptized with the Holy Spirit? Water baptism was a sign of being united with someone’s message…Holy Spirit baptism…having the Holy Spirit shows that you are in union with God? hmmm…

I hope this has been helpful for you all. I know I was definitely challenged today. So good to be with God. I look forward to our discussion on Thursday.

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