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Only Human

March 5, 2012

My apologies for the delay of this post. I must confess that I failed to make time last week to study daily and have just caught up on my reading. I contemplated whether to confess this blunder to you all. I was going to keep it silent because I didn’t want you to think less of me. However, I felt like God wanted me to share with you that I am human, weak, stubborn, proud, in need of help, love, grace and mercy, and just like everyone of you. Matter of fact, Stephen, our faith hero of the week was also human. Being human is what allowed Stephen to be used by God. Being human is what allows any of us to be used by God.

Why humans? Why would God choose to use us – to become one of us? I think the answer goes all the way back to the Creation. God created Adam and Eve (mankind) to have a relationship with Him. He wanted to DWELL with people from the very beginning. But Adam and Eve chose to sin – to find their identity in anything other than God (Tim Keller). Since that day in the Garden of Eden, God has relentlessly pursued mankind and mankind has relentlessly pursued himself and herself. God didn’t give up though.

Throughout history, before the death and resurrection of Christ, God sought to dwell and interact with mankind. The most obvious example of God’s longing for a relationship with mankind is the nation of Israel. God came to Moses and told Moses that He (God) had seen His people’s oppression and had “come down to rescue them…” (Ex. 3:7ff). Then God told Moses that He would “…send [Moses] to Eygpt.” (Ex. 3:10). God had come down to His people and would rescue them through Moses. God rescued Israel through a relationship with a human. It was the Spirit of God that was working through Moses to cause the plagues and ultimately free the people of God from slavery. Israel was saved because GOD chose to come and DWELL with them and to cause His Spirit to indwell Moses, a human.

The freedom God granted the people of Israel through Moses was physical.They were no longer slaves to Egypt. However, they were still slaves to themselves and sin – something Moses’ life could not free them from.

I often look at the Israelites as such fools – why wouldn’t they desire God and His fellowship. He saved them from slavery; they should be grateful. Then I remember that I, even in the light of the salvation of the cross of Jesus, chose myself, my desires, my time over fellowship with God last week.

Humans just don’t get it. We are really needy. Even our faith is needy. God knew this all from the very beginning. He tried to show mankind His desires through different relationships He had with people and nations, but mankind didn’t get it. So God made it very clear for us and became HUMAN through Jesus Christ. God had seen the oppression caused by sin. God had seen the despair left from the devastation of sin. So GOD decided to “come down to rescue” us through Jesus Christ.

Jesus was different from Moses. Moses was a man filled by God. Jesus was GOD who became a man. Moses freed the people of Israel from physical slavery. Jesus came to free ALL MANKIND from spiritual slavery to self and sin (which is at the root of all physical injustice). Moses had come to talk to the people about God and His desires. Jesus was GOD and told the people His desires and what he wanted from them.

So, what does God want? God wants a restored relationship with mankind, with us. God wants us to cast the shackles of our slavery to sin and self aside because He has already broken their locks through the death, resurrection an ascension of Jesus. He wants us to see His love for us. He wants to indwell our beings so we can share His truth and be used to touch and free the lives of others. He wants to include us in His joy of restoring people to their Creator. That is why God uses humans.

We are only human. Our faith hero of the week, Stephen, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Tim Keller, Kay Arthur, David Platt (I am reading these names from titles of books that surround me at the moment) and any other Christian that is being used by God is ONLY HUMAN. They struggle like you and I with issues of sin and choosing self over God. They probably struggle with consistency and if not consistency, then with pride over their incredibly devoted nature.They have to be yielded and filled by God to be of any service to God. The only difference might be that they long to know God more. Do we?

For last week’s discussion (I will post again on Thursday March 8, 2012), feel free to join the conversation by answering one or more of the following questions:

  1. What did you learn from this week’s study that really stood out to you?
  2. What did you learn about God?
  3. How were you encouraged by the life and ministry of Stephen?
  4. Why do we sometimes feel like God can use others instead of us?
  5. Why do you think God chooses to use humans in His ministry?
  6. Why do you think we don’t seek God as slaves who have been freed?
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  1. Luray permalink
    March 6, 2012 1:33 pm

    I was behind in my study too. Thank you for the post.
    3) He never took his eyes off Jesus. I want that.

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