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Radical Obedience

March 12, 2012

The book of Acts is sometimes called the Acts of the Apostles. If I were to title this book I would  call it the book of Radical Obedience. I have been so struck by the obedience of the apostles lately. I mean, they were obedient in the face of great opposition, even when faced with death.

Take for example, Philip. How incredible? He knew this man Saul was hunting Christians, yet he BOLDLY spoke about God’s new administration. My husband and I lived in a country that was adverse to the good news of Jesus. We would often share, but had to watch where and when for fear of the “officials” who would deport us and imprison our friends. Philip and most of the apostles didn’t care about consequences from man; they were concerned with sharing God’s love. They trusted God to care for them in the best way – whether that was freedom, imprisonment, torture or death.

How obedient would we be in the circumstances that surrounded the apostles and the early church? How bold would we be? How bold and obedient are we now in relative ease? I pray that we can become more and more radical like our God, like the early church and like our brothers and sisters around the world who fight everyday for what they believe.

For this week’s discussion, answer one of the following questions:

1. What did you learn this week that really stood out to you?

2. What did you learn about God?

3. Why do you think we are not as bold and obedient as the apostles and the early church?

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