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Your Attention Please

April 12, 2012

As a mom I am always trying to get my kids attention. Sometimes I am calm; sometimes my voice roars like a fierce storm commanding them into action. In both situations my goal remains the same – I want my children to think about my words and rearrange their steps.

God communicates with us in similar ways. God spoke to Paul with the urging of the Holy Spirit and closed doors. God spoke to the jailer through an earthquake. In both situations, God wanted the recipients to contemplate His message and adjust their lives accordingly.

God chooses His methods of communication based on where we are on our spiritual journey with Him, to Him. God tailors His message to our immediate needs and His immediate desire for us. God’s instructions are for our good, our joy, His delight and the good of others.

Questions for you to ponder or respond to:

  1. What has God’s message been to you this past week?
  2. What are the differences between God’s initial communication with someone and His later messages?
  3. How does recognizing God’s methods of communication help you identify inadequacies in how you communicate with others?
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