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Have you seen God?

May 6, 2012

One of the questions that is unique to this study is, “What do I learn about God?” It is a question that causes me to pause every once in a while and really seek the Lord in what I am reading. This question prompts me to look beyond what is happening or what I feel the passage is saying about me. This question stops my gaze and redirects back to the One on whom my eyes should be fixed.

I don’t know about you, but I am so quick to read the Bible and ask how my life can be changed by what I have studied. This isn’t wrong to do. God does instruct us on how to live and relate to others and God. However, I wonder what our lives would be like if we looked for God in these passages, if we sought after His heart.

Sometimes this can be difficult. Some people may say that I am really reaching in my observations of God in these passages, but I thought I would share with you a little of what I observed about God this past week.

  1. Acts 20:7-12 : 1. God desires for His people to come together; 2. God wants to share His truth to others through fellow believers; 3. God controls life and death; 4. God has empowered His people to heal; 5. God provides great comfort.
  2. Acts 20:13-24: 1. God chooses to let us serve Him; 2. God loves humility and sincerity; 3. God allows His people to experience hardship; 4. God does NOT discriminate; 5. God has provided a way for us to have a restored relationship with Himself – through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ; 6. God uses His Spirit to move us; 7. God is greater than me; 8. God has given each of us a specific mission; 8. God is gracious.
  3. Acts 20:25-31: 1. God allows man to carry the truth of His kingdom to others; 2. God wants to share His will with the world; 3. God gives us specific gifts through the Holy Spirit; 4. God wants us to care for one another; 5. God bought us with HIS own blood; 6. God is NOT cheap – He lavishes goodness upon us.
  4. Acts 20:32-36: 1. God has set us apart (sanctified us) for His purpose; 2. God gives us an inheritance (a future blessing); 3. God wants us to help the weak; 4. God is giving and blesses us with the opportunity and the ability to give; 5. God wants us to communicate with (pray to) Him; 6. God is trustworthy.
  5. Acts 20:37-38: God is relational and has created us to be relational in His likeness – there is a sense of community in the relationship of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  6. Acts 21:1-6: 1. God speaks to us through others; 2. God communicates His plan to us through the Holy Spirit; 3. God exists in community and has created us to be in deep, meaningful relationships and form community; 4. God has a plan for each of us; 5. God wants us to pour our hearts out before Him
  7. Acts 21:7-16: 1. God shares His plan for us through His Spirit speaking within us or by His Spirit speaking to us through other people; 2. God allows His people to experience hardship; 3. God is in control; 4. God wants me to trust Him with my life; 5. God chooses to involve us in His plans.

It is amazing how much God reveals about Himself in the Bible, what He likes, doesn’t like, how He involves Himself in our lives and chooses to involve us in His plan. I hope your life has been blessed this week by seeking God in everything you are doing.

Here are some questions for you to respond to or ponder:

  1. What has God been teaching you this week?
  2. What have you learned about God this week?
  3. Why do you think community is so vital in our lives as followers of God?
  4. How often do you listen to what the Holy Spirit tells you to do? Why do you or do you not choose to obey?
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  1. Luray permalink
    May 7, 2012 2:00 pm

    Very often I can hear the Holy Spirit clearly and yet I choose not to obey, usually out of stubborn selfishness. Those decisions always comes back to bite me. You’d think I’d learn. (This allows me to give more grace to my children.) Anyway, I find it even more challenging when it is necessary to distinguish the Holy Spirit’s voice from my own. When is God saying, “I want to stretch you here. Move past your discomfort and trust me.” VS. “You are my unique creation. This may not me “you” but I will guide you to something else that is.” Sometimes God’s way isn’t so obvious. That is when that closeness is so necessary. I need that.

    • May 7, 2012 2:27 pm

      I usually know the Holy Spirit is speaking to me when the thing I am asked to do is uncomfortable and almost undoable without His help. Have you ever obeyed and been suprised and blessed?

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